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Jackson's Pest Control offers a fast, professional service throughout Cheshire and the surrounding area. RSPH qualified and fully insured, we will do our best to resolve your pest problem quickly, effectively and with minimal environmental impact.

Commercial contracts are also undertaken.

Sustainable solutions, not just temporary treatments

At Jackson’s Pest Control we believe in tackling your pest problem in a holistic way: paying attention to the whole problem, not just treating the symptoms. Because of this we use a total pest management system to:


  • ASSESS: Establishing how the pests are entering your property, using a combination of expertise and experience plus the right tools for the job. These can range from just the humble torch to motion activated camera traps and U.V. tracking dust.

  • TREAT: Using appropriate treatments which are sympathetic to environmental factors such as resident pets, children, wildlife etc. We have a strong policy of always using the least toxic (or even non-toxic in some cases) approach. This helps to protect the environment and keep you and your family safe.


  • PREVENT: Deterring pests from entering your property in the first place is always the best way to control them, and makes any treatment more effective and longer lasting. We work with you to identify access points and discuss how and if entry can be prevented. We can also provide a proofing service where we will block the access points for you for an extra fee. (Proofing against wasps and other flying invertebrates is not always possible) 


  • ADVISE: Pests are like weeds. They’re just wildlife showing perfectly natural behaviour, but in the wrong place. We will talk to you about why the pests have suddenly decided that your premises are an ideal place to live, and what you can do to stop them regarding your property as a desirable location. It could be that you are unwittingly supplying them with a readily accessible source of food and/or nesting material. Very often, treating the resident pests then removing the attractant can solve your problem for good.


Our commitment to the environment

We always use wildlife friendly products where possible and design our treatments to have as little effect as possible on the local environment and the creatures that live in it. We also fully support the Think Wildlife Trust's Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use.


Note: Toxin free pest control is always available on request. Just ask...

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Areas that we cover

We are based in Congleton and cover all of Cheshire, Staffordshire and surrounding areas and will always make every effort to get to you as quickly as possible.



Call Jake on 07825 292576 or email jake@jacksonspestcontrol.co.uk to discuss any pest issues or to arrange a visit. You can also use our contact form by clicking here.