At Jackson's Pest Control we are equipped to take on all aspects of domestic and small commercial pest control. The list below shows the pests that we can help with. If you are struggling to identify what pest you are having problems with then please contact us for advice and/or to arrange a survey.

Wasps and hornets


Cluster flies, house flies, lesser house flies, fruit flies, bluebottles and mosquitoes can be a problem during the winter months as well as summer.


​Wasps and hornet nests are a sign of summer that you'd rather do without, particularly when there are children and pets about.

Invertebrate Pests 


Invertebrates include ants, bed bugs, fleas, moths, mites, lice, cockroaches, weevils, beetles and silverfish. Any of these in your house can make your life a misery.



We all love bees but sometimes they create their nest in just the wrong place. As well as the risk of you being stung, honey from a hive inside a wall, or ceiling, can damage the structure of your building. That being said, we are a bee friendly pest control company and, where possible will move the bee colony to a more suitable place. Please see our Bees page if you think you may have bees.


Alternatively, contact us for a discussion on the next step.

Rats and Mice


​Rats and mice can be tricky to get under control in and around your home. The need for control, however, is very important due to the risk of damage from gnawing and the spread of disease.

Other Pests


We can also help with troublesome pigeons, crows, magpies, mink, moles, squirrels and rabbits.
If the pest that you having problems with is not listed on this page please contact us for advice.


Call Jake on 07825 292576 or email to discuss any pest issues or to arrange a visit. You can also use our contact form by clicking here.